A Message from God's Word for you:

Music For Worship

What's so special about that?

Well, for one thing, YOU'RE special! Created by a God who loves you when no one else can. Created to reflect love from God to others. You matter! Once you realize that, everything changes. Oh, not the world around you. But, you change. You know something has changed YOU.

How can you express the feeling and knowledge that you are a child of God? One way is through music. Whether you give praise and thanks to God standing with 2000 people, or with a small group of friends who have gathered around God's Word, singing praise and prayer brings joy and an emotional connection to worship.

I know God has called me to sing to Him and to help others do it, too. There's just no way I could give up worshiping God, singing to Jesus through the songs I write. My prayer is that they will be a blessing to you, and help you express your praise and thanksgiving to Jesus. To paraphrase the great reformer and theologian, Martin Luther, "Here I sing...I can do no other."

» LISTEN to samples of music to consider for your worship or praise team, or just to enjoy.